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From the Office of the Consistory

To: the hierarchy, clergy and families, and to all the rest of the members of the UOCC

Слава Богу! Glory be to God!

Please note the attached Archpastoral Letter from our Primate, His Eminence Metropolitan Yurij, and the Consistory Board motion (made on Thursday evening April 15th.)

(To all recipients of this email and letter / accompanying motion: please feel welcome to forward on to your parish membership.)

All parts of our country, and certainly therefore all the membership of our UOCC is experiencing the on-going challenges of living in and by God’s grace through the trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Let us continue to be faithful, and trust in God’s Providential Love for us all!

з нами Бог! God (is) with us!

Archpastoral Letter from Metropolitan Yu
Download • 166KB

Consistory Board Motion to Postpone the
Download • 148KB

For the Presidium of the Consistory Board,

(Fr.) Taras Udod,

Chair, and Chancellor, UOCC

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