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We have services every Sunday. If you are interested to know more about the parish and the organizations which we have and support, please, feel free anytime to contact us.


Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:


By Mail

St.Mary the Protectress U. O. C. c/o Orysia Koster - Treasurer

20 Aster Avenue Winnipeg,

MB R2V 2K6


Make a tax deductible donation‏.


It's easy to donate by sending an e-transfer.

Pre-authorized Debit

    Each individual needs to get their banking info from their chosen financial institution.  Once they have that info, let the Treasurer Orysia Koster know of their intent ( Orysia Koster will provide them with the church account number. Then the parishioner has to go to any Carpathia Branch with their banking info printout & let Carpathia know that they want a pre-authorized debit from their account (banking info printout) to Sobor Church account.  For individuals that are members of Carpathia, and are using Carpathia as the financial institution that the pre-authorized debit is coming from there are no charges. For all other financial institutions used for the banking info and pre-authorized debit there is a $25.00  sign up service charge.  And every time you make a change to your pre-authorized debit you pay $25.00. for non Carpathia members, using other financial institutions as sources for their pre-authorized debits.
    Our parishioners must go to Carpathia in person because there is paperwork that they need to sign.

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